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Rakonheli CNC Advanced Upgrade Kit - Blade 200SRX

SKU: 200SRX981

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1 x (SKU: 200SRX007) CNC Hardened Steel Spindle Shaft Set ($3.99)
1 x (SKU: 200SRX010) CNC AL Main Rotor Hub Set ($20.99)
1 x (SKU: 200SRX030) CNC AL Main Blade Grips Set ($27.99)
1 x (SKU: 200SRX178) CNC AL Swashplate Set ($28.99)
1 x (SKU: 200SRX303) CNC Delrin 120T Main Gear w/AL Hub Set ($18.99)
1 x (SKU: 200SRX400) CNC Solid Carbon Main Shaft w/AL Collar Set ($6.99)
1 x (SKU: 200SRX452) CNC AL and CF Main Frame Set ($64.99)
1 x (SKU: 200SRX723) CNC CF Landing Skid Set ($9.99)
1 x (SKU: 200SRX799) CNC AL Canopy Mount Set ($7.99)
1 x (SKU: 200SRX802) Carbon Tube Tail Boom-Standard Length ($6.99)
1 x (SKU: 200SRX812) CNC AL Tail Boom Support Set ($12.99)
1 x (SKU: 200SRX816) CNC AL Horizontal Stabilizer Fin Mount Set ($10.99)
1 x (SKU: 200SRX854) CNC CF Tail Fin Set ($10.99)
1 x (SKU: 200SRX860) CNC AL Tail Motor Mount Set ($15.99)
1 x (SKU: 200SRX956) CNC AL Tail Propeller Adapter ($3.99)

1 x Airbrush Fiberglass Canopy. 

Instruction (Pictures):
Link: http://www.rakonheli.com/review/junkmans-blade-200srx-rkh-cnc-advanced-upgrade-kit-instruction-pictures

Short Clip Testing

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